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Employee Engagement Surveys Made Easy

Improve company culture, increase retention, and
enhance employee satifaction with our automated employee engagement surveys 

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A clear picture of engagement

Give leaders the ability to have complete visibility into their team's enagement with anonymous pulse surveys.

  • View weekly or bi-weekly team mood and engagement scores
  • Compare engagement scores across teams and departments

  • View historical trends to discover engagement patterns

Automate your employee feedback

Set a cadence and automatically ask our curated
 survey questions on a regular schedule.

  • Set a recurring schedule optimized to your calendar 

  • Allow Sift to manage and distribute surveys to the
    right people, at the right time 

  • Use our scientific engagement questions and engagement
    categories for you

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Simple, actionable team insights

Sift's survey dashboards provides an instant visual
breakdown of your team's health.

  • Use semgents to deep drive into survey insights

  • Track scores over time to see which engagement initiative work 

  • Get real-time alerts about your engagement scores 

Organization wide analytics

Drive deep into the health of your organization
with our leadership dashboards

  • See your overall organizations engagement score instantly

  • Compare engagement scores between teams and departments

  • Discover what variables that are most important on a organization wide level, and for individual areas of your business


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