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Sift Automates Employee Engagement

Improve company culture, increase employee retention and raise employee satisfaction with our automated employee engagement survey platform.

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What can Sift do for you?

Our employee engagement platform helps leaders succeed, and gives employees a voice.

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A clear picture of engagement

Gain complete visibility into your team's engagement
in real time with anonymous employee engagement surveys.

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Automate your feedback

Set a cadence and automatically ask our expertly derived
questions on a regular schedule.

Simple, actionable team insights

Sift's dashboard provide an instant visual
breakdown of your team's health.

Organization Wide Analytics

Dive deep into the health of your organization
with leadership dashboards.

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Product Features

Our employee engagement platform is designed to empower leaders through powerful insights 



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Automated Pulse Surveys

Automate your feedback process and  to anwser your most important people-centric questions.

Question Bank

Our expertly derived questions allow you to get the right feedback from your employees.

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Custom Scheduling

Ask the right questions at the right times using customized scheduling. 

Smart Notifications

Understand how your people feel and uncover
trends with our alert system.

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Dynamic Reminders

Our email reminder system adapts to your workforce,
and allows you to collect accurate data.


Organization Wide Analytics

Dive deep into the health of your organization with leadership dashboards.

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Historical Trends

Study historical engagement scores across teams and departments to uncover patterns.

Segment Analysis

Test engagement data with other variables and discover the answers you have been looking for. 


Mobile Ready

Use our smart employee directory to search and connect with your employees on the go.

Admin Dashboard

Admins can manage member accounts, edit profile pages and enable SSO/SAML. 

Custom Fields

Add fields to employee profiles and enable them in the global directory search. 


Seamlessly integrate with the tools you already use and enhance your technology stack. 

Fast Setup, Easy Employee Invitation

Sift sits on top of existing Human Resource Information Systems to make your data more accessible and easy to use.

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High Security

Our platform is enterprise secure, keeping your organizations information fully protected. 

Working with Sift is easy

Employee data powers the Sift platform and empowers our employee engagement survey tools


  1. 1
    Reach out to us Talk to our employee engagement experts and we will customize our platform to fit your needs
  2. 2
    Import your data We have many ways to bring your data into Sift including integrations,a CSV uploader,and our friendly API.
  3. 3
    Invite your employees Easily invite employees from our admin dashboard and allow our system to build an organizational hierarchy
  4. 4
    Manage your data Sift puts the power in your hands- easily appoint new admins,and import new employee data.

Two products, One Single Platform

Our products are powered by the Sift Platform and work best together

Automated Employee Engagement

Improve company culture and employee retention
with our automated platform.


Employee Directory Platform

Our platform is built on top of a smart employee directory that houses all employee information. 


Improve employee engagement today

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