February 21, 2020

#SiftShelf Roundup: Beyond the Surface – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Everyone talks about DE&I, but how are businesses actually implementing it? This week’s roundup covers everything from why DE&I is important in the first place, how to implement it strategically, and how it contributes to your bottom line.

Bloomberg - 2020 Gender-Equality Index

A snapshot by Bloomberg of how 325 companies around the world are investing in women in the workplace, what’s going well, and where there’s still room for improvement.

Ella Washington and Camille Patrick - 3 Requirements for a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

Much like peanut butter and jelly or Batman and Robin, diversity and inclusion complement each other but are ultimately very different. This piece outlines the important difference between D&I and actionable steps to take to obtain a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Seth Dobrin and Susara van den Heever - Putting Diversity to Work in Data Science

IBM looks at its own Data Science Elite team, whose female representation is about 75% higher than the industry norm, as a case study for reimagining the entire hiring cycle to promote diversity. Starting from the nitty-gritty of job descriptions to the interviewing process, learn how to eliminate bias (and lost returns) from your hiring.

Dana Brownlee - 4 Common Diversity and Inclusion Myths in the Workplace

Brownlee is on a mission to debunk common myths about D&I. #1: D&I is [just] about ethics and morality. Her take? “True, but D&I is very much about the bottom line as well...higher retention, higher levels of employee engagement, broader attraction of top talent,” and more.

Janice Gassam - 10 Books to Help You Foster a More Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Embracing D&I requires empathy and understanding experiences different than our own. This reading list of non-fiction reads is a great place to start.

Bailey Reiners - 80+ Diversity in the Workplace Statistics You Should Know

Can’t convince your team that D&I is important? Some people just need to see the numbers, and Reiners’ piece provides more than enough. One highlight: inclusive companies are 120% more likely to hit their financial goals.

Janet Stovall - How to Get Serious About Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

UPS’s Janet Stovall on her business approach to address corporate racism head-on, and specific methods to dismantle it. In her TED talk, she outlines a three-part action plan to create workplaces where people feel they can be their unassimilated, authentic selves.

McKinsey - Delivering through Diversity Report

This McKinsey report draws a global correlation, from over 1,000 companies covering 12 countries, between diversity in leadership and financial outperformance. Your org may sense that D&I is a competitive advantage, but how can you use it to support your growth goals?

Emily Best - 8 Things Diversity & Inclusion Leaders Need Everyone to Know

Who knew people had things to say on Twitter? Just kidding. Best takes advantage of the platform to speak to 50 D&I professionals across industries and shares observed trends here.

Adrian Letilovic - Exploring Cultural Diversity in Practice

In an interview with Atlassian’s Global Head of Diversity & Belonging, Aubrey Blanche, Letilovic discusses cultural diversity, belonging, and intersectionality. One thing to think about: switching from using the terms D&I to “balance and belonging”.

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