March 20, 2020

#SiftShelf Roundup: Internal Communications. Because it Takes More Than Company-Wide Emails to Keep Everyone Connected.

This week we're looking at how to keep communication lines open across your whole organization, even when you’re miles apart. Expect to learn about the what, why, and how of internal communications (IC), including how you can take new approaches to your strategy (internal marketing, anyone?).

Charong Chow - What Is Internal Communications in 2020?

What exactly is IC? Chow defines its goal as “keeping employees connected and informed, and creating a shared understanding of company goals, values, and guidelines.” Learn how you can achieve this with Chow’s best strategies and practices.

Jamie Yan - Internal Communications Best Practices in 2020

This Simpplr report pulls insights from leading orgs’ IC programs to help you improve your own internal communications, and ultimately drive employee engagement. Our biggest takeaway: the best programs collaborate across department lines.

Brandon Pindulic - Five Simple Steps to Improve Internal Communication for In-House and Remote Teams

When you think of a successful IC program, you might think about action first - i.e. sending out company wide emails, making announcements about a new company initiative, etc. Pindulic suggests first developing educational content, and documenting answers to common questions along the way. Steps like these lay the groundwork for you to communicate to and engage with your employees.

Colin Mitchell - Selling the Brand Inside

Marketing usually involves customers and users, right? But what about your employees? This HBR piece applies the principles of consumer advertising to IC, making the case that internal marketing is a powerful way to enhance IC strategies. The whole point: taking it past information about your company’s strategy to convince employees of your brand’s power.

Happeo - 2020 Guide to All Things Internal Communications

This extensive guide covers everything you need to know about Internal Comms. From what makes a good IC specialist to IC best practices and influencers to follow, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, you’ll find something new to learn.

Aria Solar - Best Practices for Your Internal Communication Strategy

What’s the *worst* thing you can do with your IC strategy? Setting it and forgetting it. Communication is not just about making sure people feel comfortable talking to each other, but it’s ultimately about improving collaboration, performance, and advocacy.

Kara Cowie - Internal Communication Tactics That Drive Employee Engagement

Keep this question as your IC north star: “Is all this communication enhancing the success of our business?” If it’s yes, then you’re on the right track. If might want to read this piece.

Lauren Johnson - Internal Communication is Everyone’s Job

This Slack piece talks about internal communications as a company wide strategy, not a department or individual-specific one. The key to this is three words: accessibility, visibility, and transparency.

Michael DesRochers - The Importance of Internal Marketing to the Employee Experience

Here, HBR touches on the importance of internal marketing to IC efforts, but DesRochers goes further to connect it to employee experience. It starts with earning enthusiasm with recurring communication.

Becki Hall - 10 TED Talks Every IC Pro Should Watch

A great collection of TED Talks to help you gain a deeper understanding of how people engage with communications. Everything from how to ditch overused corporate speak, to how to have better conversations, to how to solve the motivation puzzle for your colleagues.

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