January 31, 2020

#SiftShelf Roundup: The Future of Work in the Here and Now

Introducing #SiftShelf Roundups! Every week, we'll be compiling the best articles we’ve found, on a certain theme. This week we're looking at the (very real) future of work, and how you can prepare for it in the here and now.

CW Headley -  5 Workforce Predictions for 2020

Everyone’s talking about Gen Z’ers taking over the workplace, but as Headley points out, “a quarter of American workers will be 55 years of age or older by 2020”. This article provides a few predictions on what will affect this workforce in the next few years. One? Growth of the gig economy. Read the full article to learn all five.

Melissa Henley - 5 Trends Making a Difference in the Digital Workplace

Despite the fact that technology pervades all parts of our lives, it’s sometimes overlooked in the workplace. In this piece, Henley argues that keeping pace with opportunities means preparing for these five technological trends.

David Green - Putting the ‘H’ back into HR - 10 Predictions for HR in 2020

While the unemployment rate is decreasing, the quit rate is 2.3% - a 15 year high! How do you give people a reason to stay? Green hits on three key points:

  1. The rise of super-recruiters and the need for deeper talent pools
  2. Committing to culture, D&I, and thoughtful onboarding experiences
  3. Tending (instead of managing) talent

Guy Berger - The Jobs of Tomorrow: Linkedin’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report

This fascinating analysis of all public profiles on LinkedIn uncovers the top skills and roles with the largest growth. The most interesting finding? As automation increases, demand for soft skills will as well.

Kaumil Dalal and Rick Sabatino - How to Get From the Workforce You Have to the One You Need

WOW: “Of the 1.3 trillion that was spent on digital transformation last year, an estimated $900 billion was wasted on efforts that did not yield intended results”. Dalal and Sabatino provide some practical tactics to make your digital workforce investments count. One? Identify your missing skills. It’s that simple.

Young Entrepreneur Council - 8 Ways the Workforce Will Change in 2020

If you’ve already heard that Microsoft and Shake Shack have tried implementing four-day workweeks, you’re either rolling your eyes or pumping your fist. (Probably the latter!) Inc. dives into this, and other ways the workforce changing right now.

Deb Miller - Technology Predictions for the Roaring ‘20s

Cheers, old sport! The 1920s were a time of economic prosperity, new music and fashion, but also a time of technological innovation. Going into the 2020’s, it looks like we’ll be seeing the same advancement in two of the four (Billie Eilish has already won five Grammy’s), so can you guess which one?

Julien Floch - Digital Workplace Resolutions

A good primer on the what, why, and how of implementing a digital workplace. This also touches on today’s challenges in implementing a digital workplace and the challenges you should be anticipating.

Meghan M. Biro - #WorkTrends: Taking Stock of the Global State of Work

A quick look at the global state of recruiting and the workplace from Biro’s podcast #WorkTrends. One phrase we haven’t heard before: the passion economy.

Cameron Albert-Deitch - A New Linkedin Study Says 55 Percent of HR Leaders Struggle With ‘People Analytics’ - and That Matters

Research by Linkedin surveying 7,089 talent professionals and hiring managers found that 55% said they “still need help putting basic people analytics into place”. Takeway: Not many companies are investing in people analytics, despite recognizing the benefits. Translation: there’s an opportunity here.

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