February 6, 2020

#SiftShelf Roundup: Work that (Internal) Network

#SiftShelf Roundup incoming! This week we're looking at how to build connections/networks at work. Everything from building your internal communications strategy to establishing team bonds, and how to achieve that as a leader.

Julia Hobsbawm -  Long Live the Human Network Effect

You’ve heard of social networks, but what about scale-free networks? Hobsbawm’s piece provides a higher level view of the importance of networks at work in enabling exceptional human collaboration.

Theresa Agovino - Building Team Bonds

Escape rooms, scavenger hunts, and field days. What do these three things have in common? You’ve most likely had one as a team event. So, how do you make team events more than forced social interaction? SHRM covers how you can invest in building team bonds by planning team events with a purpose.

Karen Johnston - 7 Reasons Your Internal Communications Need A Single Source of Truth

A quick rundown of the importance of having a single source of truth for your internal communications, and why it can save you time, stress, and productivity in the long run.

Nigel Davies - 5 Things Businesses Need From the Future Digital Workplace, Including More Intimate Communications

Five business leaders share their wish list for the digital workplace over the next decade. One surprising wish: the desire for a more intimate (human) virtual workplace.

Kaya Ismail - Why CEOs Should Get to Know Their Employees

Despite the fact that CEOs play a huge part in building company culture and values, according to a survey from Globant, “55% of employees say it’s difficult to get to know their company’s CEO.” What can CEOs do to mitigate that? Actually, having shorter meetings.

Michele Lando - What is Internal Networking & Why it Matters?

Network, network, network. You’ve heard it before, but it's about more than reaching 500+ connections on Linkedin. Your most powerful connection might be sitting right next to you.

Forbes Coaches Council - 10 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Bond with Your Team Members

You have great relationships with your coworkers (maybe even a work spouse), but how’s your relationship with the team members you manage? This Forbes Coaches Council piece gives you some tactics on how to establish connections with your team. Remember ⎯ it’s in the S.M.A.L.L. things.

Onpoint Consulting - 8 Team Building Tips for Leaders that Actually Work

“Like all coaches, a successful team leader needs a playbook.” Here’s eight tips for how to team-build for success. Count us in, coach!

Megan Thomas - The Role of Leaders in Internal Communication

Hear from comms leaders in 79 different organizations on how to effectively communicate internally for organizational success. In a nutshell: “Value staff more, communicate more often and more transparently.”

Aria Solar - Best Practices for Your Internal Communication Strategy

A 7-step primer on the why and how of building your internal communication strategy. One highlight: make communication a conversation.

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