February 14, 2020

#SiftShelf Roundup: The Keys to Unlocking Potential

This week we're looking at how to unlock the potential of your company's most valuable asset – people. From building your human capital departments to productivity tips you can implement as an individual, investing in your people is as important of a financial investment as anything else.

Phyllis Korkki - How to Make the Most of Your Workday

Time. There’s never enough of it in the day. This NYTimes piece provides an outline of productivity techniques for the multitaskers, the procrastinators, and the in between, breaking down common productivity myths that might be ruining your day.

Bryan Robinson - New Study Cites Productivity Killers: Could You Be Missing Team Building Opportunities?

According to a Future of Work report by Mavenlink, top productivity killers include: poor management, overly chatty co-workers, and purpose-less meetings. What complicates that even more is generational differences.

Art Petty - How to Build a High-Performance Project Team

Forming and storming. No we’re not  talking about weather, but something that can be just as chaotic as that – teams. Petty touches on Tuckman’s theory of team development to underline what it takes to form a high-performance project team and common pitfalls to avoid.

Omar L. Harris - Creating High-Performance Teams

All teams are groups but not all groups are teams. Riddle us that. Learn what differentiates a regular team and a high-performance one, and how HR can help build high-performing teams.

Glenn Llopis - HR Departments Must Urgently Become Human Capital Departments

“The individual needs to define the business – and thus should define the work that HR does.” Llopis makes the argument that HR should be less of a “compliance cop” and more of a “co-pilot” to your org’s leadership teams. What side is your HR efforts currently leaning towards?

Angela Kambouris - Investing in Your People is Investing in the Future of Your Business

$680 billion. That's how much companies will lose by the end of 2020 because of employee turnover costs. Want to limit your contribution to that figure? Invest in your people today.

John Boitnott - 5 Steps to Investing Wisely in Human Capital Development

A quick rundown on what human capital development actually is, and practical steps to invest in your own. This piece speaks directly to small businesses, but these steps can apply to an org of any size.

Duleesha Kulasooriya and Maggie Wooll - Unlocking Human Potential

The world is changing rapidly but basic human needs? Not so much. This Deloitte piece reveals an in-depth look into the Roots and Shoots practice: a way to slow down and speed up in unpredictable environments that can improve focus, well-being, and productivity for your employees in the workplace and beyond.

Joe Mechlinski - Unlocking Workplace Potential

Shift Happens, Joe Mechlinski’s podcast features David Hassel, founder and CEO of 15Five, in a discussion on employee engagement and culture management. Hassel touches on his company's purpose, unlocking the potential of people, and why the manager-employee relationship is the key.

Adam Fridman - How to Unlock Your People’s Performance Potential at Work

An interview of five experts in human behavior and organizational performance on how to unlock the potential that lies in people. #1 Takeaway: “Crush cynicism with passionate purpose.”

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