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It's hard to understand your workforce when your technology won't let you

Sift, a smart employee directory, is your solution for improving collaboration in your organization.

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How does Sift help?

Get the data you need to truly know your workforce

Collecting key pieces of information from your workforce can be challenging. Most HR tools are clunky, hard to customize and challenging to get employees to use. Surveying your workforce to collect data is rarely the best approach.

Sift allows you to automatically and systematically collect key information on your employees through a beautiful, simple interface they will love to use every day.

Build bridges between silos

Every organization has silos. Often we limit collaboration to the people we see and work with every day.

Help create bridges between team members by making it seamless to find experts from across the organization.

Discover new insights

Your employees are more than a title. Every individual brings unique skills, interests, and professional experience to the workplace every day.

Sift provides a holistic picture of your team members and allowing their capabilities to be fully leveraged from day one.

Give your people tools they'll love

Too often, enterprise collaboration tools are a chore to use. Clunky menus, painful interfaces and slow response times leave them collecting dust.

Our solution was built from the ground up to be an easy-to-use joyous experience.

Minimal maintenance

Sift sits on top of your existing people data infrastructure and pulls key data from your Active Directory and HRIS to minimize duplication and ensure data consistency.

Always here for you

We provide a dedicated customer success contact to answer any questions you may have and guarantee you get the most value out of Sift from day one.

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