Enrich Collaboration Tools with People Information

No matter your organization’s internal collaboration tools, Sift is the fastest way to answer the eternal question of “who do I work with?”

Empower Teams to Collaborate
and Communicate With Ease

The trick is not how to reach.

It’s who to reach.

Chat tools, phone calls, video conferencing, emails, even good ol’ face-to-face - there are a lot of ways to communicate with colleagues. Sift is how to quickly discover the right colleagues to contact with your team communication software.

Our powerful people search puts everyone at your organization within reach, so you can discover, find, and connect with colleagues in just a few clicks.
Mustafa Z.
Team Leader, Technology
“I have the entire organization’s roster at my fingertips.  It makes it much easier to collaborate and find the appropriate people to actually get work done.”
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Contact any member of your enterprise’s network in one click, directly from their Sift profile.

Open a Slack or Microsoft Teams chat, send an email, or save contact info on your mobile phone instantly. Keep contacts for enterprise collaboration, projects, or special groups organized with Sift Lists to easily discover and communicate with team members.
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Get the context you need right away.

Sneak a peek at the people behind the titles with rich profiles that highlight skills, interests, experience and much more. Uncover commonalities and hidden talents so you can get down to work armed with the relevant intel.
James P.
Sales Executive
“I can literally find anyone in the company that I need to communicate with at the drop of a dime. Amazing resource and easy to use/navigate!”
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Not sure if your systems will fit with Sift?

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