There's Treasure Hiding in Your Human Resources Software

Helpful people data, from experience to extensions, is too often out of easy reach of everyday employees. Unlock the data points you want from your Workday, ADP, Active Directory, and other HRMS and bring them together into a
centralized enterprise social search.

All Together Now

Sync multiple systems of HR data into one easy Sift search bar.

Embrace radical transparency and enable your employees to discover who their colleagues are and how to connect with them. Create a centralized point of access for everyone at your organization to find, and be found.
Jonathan B.
Sales Executive
“I enjoy the ease of searching for a fellow team member, because if there’s a skill I need to utilize, I'll find it. A person in an entirely different building or state altogether, I can reach out to them with all the info upfront. Plus, having access to it on my smartphone has been a great luxury.”
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How can you impact ELTV across your organization?

What if there was a way to increase the value that every employee in your company brings throughout their tenure? Learn how Sift can increase Employee Lifetime Value (ELTV) at 4 key inflection points.
Give me the intel

Skills, backgrounds, interests, team structure and more are only a query away.

Users can also easily build, save, and share lists of contacts to track frequent collaborators, project partners, or maybe just fellow cycling enthusiasts. Democratize your people data so your entire enterprise can connect to the human in your "human capital."
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Best of all, Sift is beyond easy to implement and requires next-to-no maintenance from your team.

Effortlessly manage multiple data sources and create custom attributes. Rapid deployment and customized onboarding mean your employees will be able to enjoy the benefit of fully accessing their internal network right away.
George M.
“When I need to get in contact with anyone, for any reason, Sift makes it 100000x easier and faster.”
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Not sure if your systems will fit with Sift?

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