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Amplify the value of your communication and collaboration tools with a modern people directory that allows your people to find and connect wherever they are. Sift integrates and connects to your existing systems to become a single source of people data that can be accessed from anywhere with a single search bar. Deliver a great digital experience to all employees whether in an office or working from home.


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“Collaboration is always the job. We have nearly 2,000 talented team members located over many branches. How can we bring those people together, so they can find the right person to do the right work at the right moment? We use Sift to find them.”
Jeff Hu, Senior Vice President for Rock Central
Jeff Hu | CIO
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Get a single employee profile you can control and customize

Sift sits lightly on top of your existing systems to become a centralized point of access for people data. You control what data to send into Sift, and customize the specific fields and categories you want to show and share. Additionally, the Sift API enables you to provide access in other internal systems.

Plus, the Sift team maintains your instance and provides an intuitive back-end that makes day-to-day management simple.

By the numbers

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Slightly less than one third

of millennials believed their organization was making the most of their skills and experience.
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Orgs' top three intranet challenges

include: poor search functionality (48% of respondents), intranet prioritization (44% of respondents), and lack of employee usage and engagement (41% of respondents).
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While 71%

of companies see people analytics as a high priority in their organizations (31% rate it very important), only 8% report they have usable [people] data.
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Sift ignites employee collaboration

See how Sift unifies people data and brings tech stack value.
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