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Discover and segment your entire workforce with powerful people search and rich profiles that are always up to date. Send truly targeted messages at the right time to the right people. Sift helps Marketing and Communications professionals build stronger relationships across your organization, increase intranet adoption, and quickly connect to get needed information.
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“In our work, our clients are internal. Effective communication means understanding those internal clients. We work with so many different groups and have to understand a lot of context about our teams, team members and their work – and oftentimes we need to do it very quickly. I don’t know how we’d do that without Sift.”
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Chris S. | Director of Internal Communications

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Learn how this COO sees Sift as the best way to identify the right people to connect with

Give your intranet new life

You’ve worked hard to place valuable information in your company portal, but employees don’t visit very often. Sift is used by employees multiple times a day. So it makes sense to embed Sift Search and interactive Org Chart to bring new life to your intranet. Employees will reap the benefits of a one-stop-shop for connection—as well as all their marketing and communications needs.
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By the numbers

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Only 14%

of Internal Comms teams use tools to profile their audience.
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of team members feel they’re missing out on key information.
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Only 13%

of team members use their intranets daily.
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“So handy for me to use in my daily work as a copywriter. Not only can I find contact information, I can easily get the background information I often need for a project. It saves me hours (maybe days) in research work.”`
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Marge S. | Senior Copywriter

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