Sift Helps Companies Move Work Forward

Users in Sales & Services access Sift an average of 40x a month

Here’s what they use it for:
  • Connecting to the right person to answer a prospect question to help seal a deal
  • Finding an expert to help resolve a customer support issue
  • Discovering a colleague with the right skills to address client needs
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Users in Operations use Sift more than 12x a week

Here’s what they use it for:
  • Finding and connecting with team members who have the right expertise for decision making
  • Understanding organizational structure and the people that make it work in order  to streamline everyday operations
  • Discovering valuable internal resources before turning to consultants or contractors
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Sift is critical to team members in Human Resources who use it 6x a day

Here’s what they use it for:
  • Learning ways to improve the experience of their team members
  • Navigating their ever-changing org structures and gaining a deep understanding of each person
  • Conducting internal recruiting before turning to external hires
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Technology professionals access Sift 59x a month

Here’s what they use it for:
  • Surfacing the relevant skills and core competencies they need to accelerate projects
  • Collaborating with the right players to get the job done
  • Internally recruiting people with the right skills to keep the team innovating
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Marketing & Communications users access Sift more than
3x a day

Here’s what they use it for:
  • Finding subject matter experts to help create high quality content
  • Amplifying knowledge sharing and collaboration across teams
  • Improving communications to team members
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Testimonials from executive users

Did you know Executives are one of the most frequent users of Sift accessing it 68x a month?

Here’s what they use it for:
  • Gaining visibility into their ever-growing organizations
  • Learning about team members before a meeting
  • Finding team members who can get questions answered and problems solved

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