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Employee Engagement Surveys

You don't know how your people feel, and that's a problem. Our automated, anonymous, employee engagement surveys bring you insights and allow you to focus on making your company amazing.

How Engage Helps

Have a clear picture of engagement

Get real-time insights into what is driving your company culture and employee engagement numbers.

Automate the survey process

Don't spend your time coming up with questions and collecting results. Instead, let Sift do the leg work, and focus on implementing action plans.

Distribute results across leadership

Our distributed dashboards give customized insights to both team leaders and HR executives.

Sift allows you to gain deeper insights into your people metrics

Uncover hidden truths in your data with in-depth heatmap functionality.

Distribute results to leaders across your organization with customized dashboards.

Leverage question bank to find the right answers.

Knowing whether your team members feel engaged, inspired and well utilized has long been a matter more left to art than science. Sift turns those problems on their head and has brought incredible clarity to how the teams in our Family of Companies are feeling and working together.



Automated Pulse Surveys

Set a custom cadence and automatically send surveys on a regular schedule.

Trending Data

Study historical engagement scores across time to uncover hidden patterns.

Segment Analysis

Test engagement data with any variable and discover hidden insights.


Quickly see opportunities for improvement with our real-time heatmaps.

Question Bank

Our expertly derived questions allow you to get the right feedback from your employees.

Dynamic Reminders

Increase response rates with our dynamic reminder system.

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