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People Analytics

Your people data is buried in different systems, and it takes forever to make the piles of information useful. Our system maps to your existing data centers and delivers you the insights on your workforce that matter.

How Retain Helps

Always know your numbers

Knowing your headcount, turnover rate, and diversity metrics shouldn't take a statistician. Have these metrics available at all times and become a data-driven company.

Understand what is driving attrition

There are hidden drivers of turnover in your company. We uncover these insights and deliver them to you, with real-time workforce analytics.

Generating reports is one click away

People metrics is top of mind in any modern business. Have a data backed opinion for that next big meeting.

Sift allows you to gain deeper insights into your people metrics

Understand the diversity breakdown in your organization with one click.

Export your results at the click of a button.

Understand what is truly driving retention with our key driver analysis.


Retention Dashboard

Have an accurate view of your retention numbers at all times.

System Linking

Our product maps to your disparate HR data systems and allows you to have one dashboard for your workforce analytics.

Retention Segmenting

Filter your turnover data by any data point and see which groups are leaving, and why.

Diversity Metrics

Bring transparency to the diversity of your workforce.

Key Drivers

Understand what is causing attrition in your organization through key driver insights.

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