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Data-driven HR, today

Quickly gather and analyze the people data you need to help make work better.

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Powered by Sift Understand + Sift Insights

Tell a complete people data story with modern solutions that are as simple as they are powerful.

People are complex. Getting all the data you need to help improve the employee experience doesn’t have to be. Our tools work together to help answer all of your people related questions. Whether it’s engagement, manager performance, diversity metrics or turnover, Sift empower you with the data and insights to help make work better.

Powered by Sift Understand

Gather employee experience feedback and build a healthier organization.

Get clarity from your people with a customizable survey solution that fits the unique needs of your organization.

Use our question bank or customize your surveys

Whether it's gathering employee engagement data or learning more about the demographic makeup of your organization, our survey solution provides templates while also allowing for customization to get the exact data you need to help make work better.

Distributed dashboards to scale your efforts

Give your front line leaders real-time access to their team member feedback and help guarantee your organization is making decisions based on your people data, not your gut.

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Powered by Sift Insights

Answer your most pressing workforce analytics questions, now.

Get visibility into what’s truly going on in your organization now and make strategic decisions using the power of data.

The metrics that matter, always at your fingertips

Headcount, turnover, retention metrics, and more are now always available and always real-time.

Dive into your people data to uncover hidden truths

Identify and address issues that arise fast by overlaying data points like compensation and performance with demographic information.

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A complete solution for getting the workforce metrics that matter

Drive organizational change with data-driven insights that answer your most important people questions.