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Empower everyone with the most important knowledge in your organization: who folks are, what they know, and how to work with them.
employee directory software

Sift goes beyond traditional employee directory software to make it easy to discover what makes each team member unique.

Explore skills, title, location, education, department, language skills, interests, and much more. You can even create custom fields for your organization’s unique needs.
employee directory software

Layer those rich profiles with intuitive and
super-fast people search that works, even when you don't know exactly who you're looking for.

Search and filter to find the perfect partners for your next project. Create lists of your favorite contacts, or build groups for colleagues with common attributes like skills, interests, or alma mater.

Sift pulls data from existing employee databases and LinkedIn, so implementation is easy and information is always current.

Plus, profiles are intuitive for individuals to update and share what makes them, well, them. It’s just one of the ways we help big companies feel small.
Sift connecting to digital workplace tools
“It’s pretty straightforward. I like two search tools. One is Google. The second is our internal search, Sift. Our people search.

Use Sift to...

“For a company to be nimble and resilient, they need to be able to find people, connect people, and identify skills very quickly. You can’t just leave it to chance.”


Find Folks, Fast

When you’re closing deals and serving clients, every second counts.

But maintaining momentum can be a challenge if you get stuck at “who can help me with this?” (Especially if the only place you can turn is the water cooler.)
workforce enablement software

Sift increases your pace of business by helping you find the right colleagues, right away.

Mobile-first UX and integrations to your communication tools mean you’re just a few clicks away from connecting. It's like having your whole company directory on-demand.
workforce enablement software

A directory to all the talent in your enterprise.

Need to build a cross-functional project team? Answer a prospect’s quirky question? Seeking an SEO expert who speaks Spanish? Just Sift to quickly find and contact all the possible candidates for the job.
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Users Are Smitten With Sift

“I use Sift every single day multiple times an hour and it is amazing. My role has a lot of internal communication involved and it is always nice seeing who I am about to call and learning more about them. I think it's great to find similarities within a company of 17K+. I honestly don't know how I used to do my work without Sift and I am forever grateful.”

Crystal F.
Internal Recruiter

“I have the entire organization’s roster at my fingertips. It makes it much easier to collaborate and find the appropriate people to actually get work done.”

Mustafa Z.
Team Leader, Technology
“Can't express how much I freaking love this tool. We pretty much act as liaisons for both our clients and team members. Getting people to the appropriate place has never been so easy. Yesterday I had a client who needed a licensed banker for a particular state, but the banker needed to be based in Cleveland, Ohio. Ask me how hard it would have been to track someone down with that criteria two years ago.  In Sift it took two minutes.  I typed in like three keywords and had options!  Well done, well done.”

K’lynn  B.
Client Advocate
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