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Feedback that makes a difference

Gather the feedback you need to make work better, and deliver it in real time directly to those who need it.

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Customizable surveys that work for you

Modify our pre-existing survey questions to fit your organization’s culture and tone, or completely create your own.

Built-in expertise

Our survey catalog brings scientifically validated questions right to your fingertips. Now, you’re free to hit the ground running without worrying about the right questions to ask.

Distributed dashboards that drive change

Empower all the leaders in your organization to make positive change with real-time personalized dashboards.

All your people questions, answered

Whether you’re trying to measure employee engagement, the diversity of your workforce or understand how your leaders are performing, our multiple survey types have you covered.

The Sift Platform

Sift provides you with a powerfully simple toolkit to build a more connected, engaged, and appealing organization.

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