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Work is better when we know each other better. Sift is the fastest way for colleagues to discover and share what they really do, know, and care about.
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Sift gives everyone the ability to easily discover the fabulous humans that make up your enterprise’s network.

We’ve built a powerfully simple people search engine that hooks into rich profiles for everyone at your company. Sift sits right on top of your existing people systems, so data is always up to date. Plus, profiles are intuitive for individuals to update, so everyone can easily add more about what makes them unique.
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“When someone joins a company that’s growing fast, it’s really hard to build real connections. People are so disparate between different departments. Going into Sift, looking at the profile of someone, you start to get to know them. So when you reach out, you can speak their language, relate to their background.”
Jason Raznick

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No Likes or News Feed.
Just the Info You Need.

We're not a social network;
we just help people network socially.

Whether you’re onboarding or are a veteran team member, knowing who you work with is critical. After all, business is all about relationships. But the larger an organization gets, the harder building those relationships becomes.
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A job title can only tell you so
much, after all.

And what if you’re connecting with people in different departments, divisions, or offices? How about different countries?
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Sift gives you context for each of your colleagues, helping everyone understand who does what, and how they fit into the social fabric of your enterprise.

Access simple yet vibrant profiles for everyone that unveil who they are, what they do, what they know, how to reach them, and much more.
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Users Are Smitten With Sift

“It's a one-stop-shop for all the info you may need on a fellow team member. I love that you can find exactly where they sit in case you need to go directly to them. It's also a great conversation starter with their bio, skills, and interests.”

Jesse Z.
Licensing Specialist
“It's very easy to search through the thousands of team members within our organization, and even find people with particular skills that we may need.”

Jesse S.
Assistant Commerical Account Closer
I literally could not do my job without it. Search is very intuitive and makes finding people and information I need quick and easy.”

Joel A.
Senior Business Analyst.
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