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Take a deep-dive into your people data and discover how your business is composed. Explore dynamic charts and graphs to get a clear view of skills, team breakdown, locations, and much more.
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Your entire enterprise, at a glance.

The larger your organization is, the harder it can be to understand the distribution of critical attributes like skillsets, titles, business areas, and more. Sift Explore makes it easy to slice and dice the data so you get a clear view of your human capital.
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"We have team members and dozens of buildings here in downtown Detroit. But we also have team members all over the country and in dozens of other sites. Sift helps us connect everybody in one place. No matter what office you're in, you can see how it all hangs together."
Chief People Officer

Use Sift to...

Data visualizations of your employee database (without bugging your BI team).

Sift Explore makes it easy to see how teams, offices, and departments are composed. Instantly visualize breakdowns in bar charts, line charts, pie charts, and tree charts. Customize your data view with dynamic filtering on any attributes you track such as job titles, skills, office locations, and much more.
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Identify skill gaps to build a future-ready workforce.

Preparing your organization for the challenges of tomorrow means knowing where you stand today. See what skills and experience already exist in different sectors of your business so you can better plan learning, development, and hiring initiatives.

Learn more: How to Build a More Resilient Workforce
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Bring new meaning to your business lines.

Drill into any attribute (business area, skill, office, etc.) to see detailed descriptions managed by your Sift admins. Create a common definition for your internal systems and attributes that everyone can use to stay on the same page.
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Users Are Smitten With Sift

“Sift is really easy to explore and find everyone you're looking for and how the different parts of the organization fit together.”

Lauren R.
Senior UX Strategist
“I like having a clear view of who I'm working with, as well as who is in the bigger system bigger system."

James E.
Content Creator
“Sift is so efficient because it provides us with different ways to search throughout the company. It is like Google for team members!!”

Lindsay A.
Assistant Manager,
Title Services
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