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Brainpower is your organization’s superpower, but first, it has to be found. The Sift Org Chart lets everyone effortlessly navigate your entire enterprise.
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Instantly see how team members are linked, who reports to whom, and how your organization is, well, organized.

Sift’s Org Chart is built directly from your existing people data sources and updates automatically as your organization grows and changes. No need to manually update every time there’s a promotion or an acquisition.
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"Other places I've worked only have org charts, which are so outdated and soulless. Sift really captures that it's all about people, not boxes and lines. How do other companies even get along without Sift?"
Arin F
Senior Software Engineer

Use Sift to...

A Map to your Most Valuable Assets

Give your people a simple way to navigate the changing waters of your talent pool.

Our powerful people search is built right into the Org Chart, so you can quickly place individuals in the grander scheme of things. Toggle between profiles and your company organizational chart to get the full picture of your enterprise.
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Customize your Org Chart view to get the exact perspective you need.

Zoom in and out, adjust the orientation, hide and reveal branches, and choose what info is highlighted for each person. You can also export, print, and share to incorporate Org Charts into presentations or internal communications.
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The Org Chart lets you navigate on a macro scale, while still keeping an eye on important team member details.

Click into anyone’s profile directly from the Org Chart to see their skills, experience, and much more. You can even use Sift to see exactly where employees are physically located and how their team is structured.

Users Are Smitten With Sift

“I can literally find anyone in the company that I need to communicate with at the drop of a dime. Amazing resource and easy to use/navigate!”

James P.
“I needed a notary today, searched for "notary" and found over 100 people!  The real-time and well-formatted org charts are awesome too. You've thought of everything!”

Bill P.
“I love how easy it is to navigate with the Org Chart. It's the easiest way to see the interconnections with everyone. It also shows you how large of a network we are. I feel more connected to the team members in Cleveland and Arizona, too. I love it. :)”

Mike E.
Document Resolution Analyst
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