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Sift breaks down silos by empowering everyone with the power to find and contact anyone in the enterprise. Encourage your team members to take initiative and find better ways of doing business together.

Business Operations leaders use Sift to...

People Ops and HR leaders use Sift to...

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Smooth speed bumps in everyday operations with easy access to people and expertise.
network of employees
Visualize the composition and skill sets in each part of the organization
Reveal experts and playmakers who can accelerate your pace of business.
Leverage internal resources before turning to consultants or contractors.
Navigate the contours of your enterprise as it evolves and grows.
Amplify collaboration and digital workplace tools with powerful people search and rich profiles.

Enable every step of your operations with the collective expertise of your organization.

Find and connect with colleagues across all your business lines in seconds. Learn what they know, do, and care about, and how you can help each other move the business forward.

Discover new connections and internal experts, and find faster channels for the future of your enterprise.
“Everything that requires movement at a company requires people. It’s people making decisions, people gathering information from people, having the right people with the right information at the right time. Sift helps us get the right people in the room at the right time.”
COO & President

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By The Numbers


of the workweek is spent collaborating and communicating internally.


of employees cite being empowered to take action as critical to their engagement.


increase in profitability from highly engaged business units.

Users Are Smitten With Sift

“Sift helps me identify people when they reach out to me without me having their contact info. It also helps me understand where people are coming from when they reach out to me.”

Hannah M.
Project Manager
“Makes it incredibly easy to track people down (in a good way). As a copywriter, it saves me hours (maybe days) in research work.”

Marge S.
Senior Copywriter
“I use Sift multiple times every day. It makes connecting to other people in the family of companies simple and easy. The mobile app in particular is AMAZING!”

Nick G.
Product Owner
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