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Amplify all your communication and collaboration tools with smart, dynamic people search.

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Technology keeps your business moving forward, and no one understands that better than IT.

Deliver a tool to your teams that will multiply the impact of your whole collaboration stack. Sift sits lightly on top of your existing systems to strengthen communication tools by acting as a centralized point of access for people data.

Team members can leverage Sift on desktop or mobile to plug into their talent network and quickly find the right partners to help them get the job done.

Integrate Sift to supercharge your
intranet, or deploy as a powerfully simple stand-alone solution.

Control what data to send into Sift, and customize the specific fields and categories you want to show and share. No need for another system to support; our team
maintains your instance.

Plus, an intuitive back-end makes day-to-day management simple, even for non-technical team members.
“Collaboration is always the job. We have nearly 2,000 talented team members located over many branches. How can we bring those people together, so they can find the right person to do the right work at the right moment - we use Sift to find them.”

Learn why Sift's simplicity makes the grade for this CIO.

By The Numbers


of the average workweek is spent looking for help and answers.


clicks to find the person you need.


usage rate across enterprise clients.

Users Are Smitten With Sift

“Clean UI, searching capabilities, and integration with communication tools. Ability to integrate with our other systems so we can provide things like "Systems I support" in our profiles.”

Crystal F.
Internal Recruiter
“Instant access to a bewildering number of IT personnel, skills and locations.”

Jim T.
Disaster Recovery Specialist
“The UI is crisp. The search feature lets me search for anything and everything and see who matches.”

Abdul M.
Senior Application Engineer
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