Reach, Engage, and Connect Your Colleagues

Discover and segment your entire workforce with powerful people search and rich profiles that are always up to date. Send truly targeted messages at the right time to the right people. Sift helps Internal Communications professionals build stronger relationships across your organization, increase intranet adoption, and connects in one click via your preferred channels.

Use Sift to...

Use Sift to...

Increase accessibility to team members within the organization.
Make leaders more visible and approachable to colleagues at all levels.
Build targeted outreach lists from criteria like titles, tenure, talents, and more.
Instantly discover the right contacts for the right communications.
Coordinate with players across the organization for balanced and accurate outreach.
Enable knowledge sharing, mentorship, collaboration, and internal networking.

Cut through the clutter.

Whether you’re targeting messages for specific groups in your org or simply want to understand your colleagues better, Sift is your cheat sheet. Quickly glean important info like interests and affinity groups, as well as learn what your colleagues actually do in their own words. Keep employees engaged and informed even as your workplace shifts and grows.
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Connections, context, and correct contact info in a click.

Sift syncs people data from multiple systems like your company’s HRMS or each user’s LinkedIn to create robust profiles that highlight the human behind the titles and stay up-to-date. Use Sift in a browser, on mobile, or embed into your company intranet to supercharge people search for everyone.
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“In our work, our clients are internal. Effective communication means understanding those internal clients. We work with so many different groups and have to understand a lot of context about our teams, team members and their work – and oftentimes we need to do it very quickly. I don’t know how we’d do that without Sift.”
Chris S.
Director of Internal Communications

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of Internal Comms teams use tools to profile their audience
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of team members feel they’re missing out on key information
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of team members use their intranets daily
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Users Are Smitten With Sift

It's a great internal tool for team members - we can find out what someone does, which team they are on, where they sit, and a bit about them. Very helpful!"

Katrina S.
Business Analyst
"Super easy to use, organized, and the layout of everything is user-friendly and neat and clean."

Randi P.
Career Consultant
“Simple, easy, great way to have cohesive communication between team members."

Todd D.
Solutions Consultant
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