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The people who make up your organization are the most important resources you have. Invest in those resources and make them easier to access and activate.

People Ops and HR leaders
use Sift to...

Centralize people data from multiple systems into a single search bar.

Sift links remote, distributed, and local team members with a user- and mobile-friendly way to explore and understand the enterprise. Rich profiles highlight the humans behind the titles, letting your people’s whole selves shine.

Colleagues can discover each other through mutual interests, expertise, shared backgrounds, and much more.

The fastest way to find, and be found by, your company’s experts.

Equip every employee with efficient means to find and connect with one another. Arm recruiters, project managers, and community builders with fast and powerful people search. Facilitate mentorship, collaboration, and internal mobility with a platform that lets folks share all that they bring to the table.
“The more team members are engaged with each other, and the more they feel they can express themselves, the more they connect to the organization and to its purpose, and then they can continue to drive the things we want to do to serve our clients and to build our community. And that's really what Sift allows us to do.”
Chief People Officer

Learn how this Chief People Officer leverages Sift to support an award-winning culture.

By The Numbers


improvement in retention for companies with strong onboarding processes.


effectiveness of internal hires compared to the average across all sources.


of employees say they would remain longer with their company if they saw a career path there.

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“I honestly don't know how I used to do my work without Sift and I am forever grateful.

Crystal F.
Internal Recruiter
“Love Sift the organization and Sift the TOOL! This is an app I keep on my hip and use it almost as much as Google ;-)”

John S.
“Oh yeah. Sift is tearing silos down left and right. 10/10 would recommend.

Alexandra C.
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