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Total Talent Pool

When your people are your product, you need to know what they’re all about and how to reach them right away. Sift brings your entire roster of experts into a single search bar.

Locate and leverage your knowledge workers based on skills, experience, education, and much more. Amplify all your communication and collaboration tools with smart, dynamic people search.

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Smash silos and connect creative powers.

Increase operational efficiency by reducing communication barriers between the players in your org. With Sift, everyone in your company’s network is a simple search away, no matter where they (or you) are. Sift sits lightly on top of your existing data sources to create a single point of access that can benefit everyone.

Highlight the “human” in your human capital.

Sift surfaces the hidden talents, passions, and capacity of every player in your organization. These data points provide the critical context needed to make your network stronger and project bids more pointed. Deliver the full value of your firm to your clients by placing the perfect people for the project every time.
“Sift is our own company search engine for the most powerful thing we have available to us and to our most valuable resource: People. Brains. Ideas. That’s what it helps connect.”
COO & President

Hear how Sift helps teams move fast and stay connected.

Users Are Smitten With Sift

“Super easy to use, organized, and the layout of everything is user-friendly, neat, and clean.

Randi P.
Career Consultant
“I enjoy the ease of searching for a fellow team member, because a if it's a skill I need to utilize, I'll find it. A person in an entirely different building or state altogether, I can reach out to them with all the info up front. Plus having access to it on my smartphone has been a great luxury for me to have at hand.”

Jonathan B.
“Sift makes it easy to contact and connect with team members, add them to my phone contacts (one-click!), and find common interests. Being able to see how team members fit into the organization is essential to my work, and Sift makes it easy!”

Brennan S.
Director, State and Local Government Affairs
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