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Secret Weapon

Every division of your company has something to offer to Sales. Engineering has the tech specs. Product has the features. Operations has the intel. Marketing has the collateral. The C-Suite has the connections. The trick is, your sales team has to know who to ask and how to find them!

Sales teams use Sift to...

How can you help your sales teams
close more deals faster?

Reduce time wasted tracking down help and answers, so sales can focus on sales. Give them a map to their business partners so they can leverage all the magic your talent pool has to offer.

Sift makes it easy for anyone to find the help they need to move a deal forward, delight their customers, and bust through revenue targets.
“I always know that I have a go-to person that can actually get the job done. Because in business that's one of the primary movers: knowing that you can get the job done.”
Regional VP, Sales

Learn how Sift helps sales teams move fast and close more business.

By The Numbers


of salespeople report an increase in pipeline through collaborative selling


of client loyalty is based on sales experience.


of business buyers say that connected processes are very important to winning their business

Users Are Smitten With Sift

“Simple and perfect.

Abe H.
Sales Executive
“It's very easy to search through the thousands of team members within our organization, and even find people with particular skills that we may need.”

Jesse S.
Assistant Commerical Account Closer
“Sift saves my @$$ on the daily.”

Michael V.
Sales Director
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