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Your team anytime, anywhere

The modern employee directory application that helps keep your business moving forward.

Sift organizes your team’s contact information into a beautifully simple app that can be accessed across all of your team’s devices.
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Make contacting your team simple
Instantly find the person you need to talk with and help you keep your business moving forward.
Personalize to your company
Your company is unique so personalize your Sift employee directory to include the information your company needs.
Work Better Together
Find people by the specialties or skills you didn't know they had to get the most out of your team.
Use Sift on all of your devices
Quickly contact any of your employees from any device using your Sift mobile directory.
Sift on Tablet, Desktop and Mobile
Great teams get great results with Sift
From large companies to growing startups and non-profits, Sift works for everyone.
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