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Employee Engagement Simplified

Sift's employee engagement survey platform helps you ask the right questions,
get meaningful 
results, and take targeted action. 

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The employee engagement benefits of Sift

Track and improve the metrics that matter with our automated employee engagement platform.

Drive Employee Retention

Find the factors that lead to turnover and get ahead of the curve.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Give a voice to your employees. Identify opportunities and take positive action.

Measure Your Impact

Track engagement initiatives to
understand what works.

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What you should know about employee engagement.


Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies than their disengaged counterparts


Companies with engaged employees make 2.5X more revenue vs competitors with low engagement levels


82% of Employees said it is very important that their organization address the employee engagement problem


Only 34% of American workers are engaged

We work with you

Our implementation experts make onboarding easy, and allow you to quickly improve the people metrics that matter within your organization 

Dedicated Experts

Your employee engagement consultant will work with you to build an engagement roadmap, confront challenges, and find data driven solutions.  

Technical Advice

We provide guidance and support for the process of importing your organization's data into our employee directory.

Spread the Word

Our implementation team provides customized on-boarding materials for your entire organization.

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What our customers say

Our employee engagement surveys help organizations better understand and connect with their workforce.


Knowing whether your team members feel engaged, inspired and well utilized has long been a matter more left to art than science. Sift turns those problems on their head and has brought incredible clarity to how the teams in our Family of Companies are feeling and working together. Better data leads to better decisions and Sift is delivering both for our Family.

Chief Operating Officer, Rock Ventures LLC
Josh McManus

jer Lance

Sift is so easy to implement, and I have received a tremendous amount of insight from my team. After spending years trying to find a way to get real-time feedback, this is the best solution by far.

Technology Team Leader, Quicken Loans
Jer Lance

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