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Sift empowers productive collaboration throughout the organization. It helps employees find people with the right expertise to help them easily make contact and move work forward. Plus, it enables personal connections that improve employee experience whether in the office or working from home.
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“Everything that requires movement at a company requires people. It’s people making decisions, people gathering information from people, having the right people with the right information at the right time. Sift helps us get the right people at the right time.”
Bob Walters | COO & President

Business Operations use Sift to...

People Ops and HR leaders use Sift to...

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Smooth speed bumps in everyday operations with easy access to people and expertise.
network of employees
Visualize the composition and skill sets in each part of the organization
Reveal experts and playmakers who can accelerate your pace of business.
Leverage internal resources before turning to consultants or contractors.
Navigate the contours of your enterprise as it evolves and grows.
Amplify collaboration and digital workplace tools with powerful people search and rich profiles.

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By the numbers


of the workweek is spent collaborating and communicating internally.


of employees cite being empowered to take action as critical to their engagement.


of employees who were looking for a new job cited being overlooked for a promotion by their current employer as their main motivation for leaving.
“I use Sift everyday. It has accelerated my onboarding, allowing me to better understand the complexities of my company, and it helps me follow up with 1:1 suggestions in real time with a higher level of success. It makes a company of 18,000+ feel small and accessible!”
Sarah K. | Program Manager

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