Bring Your People Data Together in a Single Place

People are the most important element of your organization, and often the least understood. Team members often have to juggle multiple internal and external systems to understand who their colleagues are and how to get in touch.

With Sift, you can aggregate key employee profile details from HR, IT, and other internal systems and combine it with biographical information sourced directly from your people giving you, and your team members, a single employee profile with all the details you need.
Centralizing HR people data into Sift
“It's a one stop shop for all the info you may need on a fellow team member. It's also a great conversation starter with their bio, skills, and interests.”
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Jesse Z. | Licensing Specialist

Access all of your data with a unified search

Bring together information from disparate systems into one place.
  • Combine organization details, contact information, and professional history onto a single easy to access profile
  • Sift’s simple search allows users to query across all information stored in Sift
  • Aggregated data is available for your organization to consume via the Sift API
  • Enable employees to access information that helps them get work done in a system designed for end user experience
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Featured integration

Multiple data source files syncing to the admin dashboard

Simple implementation makes integration painless

From one source or one hundred: Sift makes putting all your people data in once place simple.
  • By combining employee data based on a unique ID, Sift can aggregate data from any number of sources into a single employee profile
  • Multiple HR systems? Different identity providers? Non-uniform employee data? Lot of contractors? Sift is built to be flexible and work with your people data whatever the format. Flexible architecture allows you flexibility alongside structure
  • Rapid deployment and customized onboarding means your employees will be able to enjoy the benefit of fully accessing their internal network right away

Not sure if your systems will fit with Sift?

We craft custom solutions for our customers for no additional fee, because we’re committed to your success.  Contact our team today to learn more.
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