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The Most Powerful People Directory for Your Organization

Customized profiles as unique as the people they represent.

Profile of Haylie Vaccaro, VP of People Operations, showcasing her skills, interests, what she does for the company, her pronouns, Myers-Briggs Personality, and her favorite quote

Tailor Profiles to fit your business

Configure the layout of your employee profiles to best suit your org’s culture.

A woman with floating Profile attributes around her like pronouns, projects she's worked on, skills, education, interests, and what she does for the company

Enable your team members to bring their best selves to work

Enrich company data by allowing your people to add their skills, interests, pronouns, name pronunciation, and more to share what makes them, them.

Improved clarity for today‘s workforces

Clearly display time zones, working hours, and locations for a better sense of where and when team members are working.

A profile of Nealson Adocks, VP of People Operations, with a popup of his working hours displayed with local time in Mexico City

A single, consistent, and up-to-date place for your people data

Consolidate and surface your data from multiple sources to bring visibility to your organization.

Connect and unleash the power of your people today