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A Single Place to Understand Your Colleagues

The employee data you need is spread across dozens of systems, and often the information you really want isn’t recorded anywhere at all.

Sift Profiles give you one place to understand everything about your colleagues, quickly and easily, so you can get connected and get to work.
A Sift profile of a Chief Technology Officer showing skills, interests, education background, languages known, what she does for the company, and what to reach out to her for regarding company initiatives, tool ownership and projects


of those surveyed said that Sift allows them to represent themselves to other team members in a way that makes them feel comfortable

Everything you need to get to know your colleagues

Learn and connect with Sift Profiles

A Sift profile with contact information and team member relationships
A profile with custom attributes and the data source
Reorder skills on the profile and assign skill proficiency levels
A sample Sift Profile

Customize and enhance profiles to fit your culture

Make profiles as unique as your people

Profiles and attributes are completely customizable, allowing you to craft a profile that reflects your organization.
  • Create and add custom fields to reflect data syncing from existing systems or to display new data from your workforce
  • Change order and emphasize or deemphasize data so what matters most is readily available
  • Brand profiles with your organizational colors and logo
  • Allow users to upload their own professional photo to supplement your official company headshots
Customize the order of attribute fields

Get one profile to rule them all

Combine multiple sources of people data

Bring together data from your disparate systems into a single employee profile
A diagram of integration points on the profile

Check out these other great features
of the Modern People Directory

Learn how our customers utilize Profiles to forge stronger relationships and connections

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