A Single Place to Understand Your Colleagues

The employee data you need is spread across dozens of systems, and often the information you really want isn’t recorded anywhere at all.

Sift Profiles give you one place to understand everything about your colleagues, quickly and easily, so you can get connected and get to work.
“When someone joins a company that’s growing fast, it’s really hard to build real connections. People are so disparate between different departments. Go into Sift and look at someone’s profile, you start to get to know them. So when you reach out, you can speak their language, relate to their background.”
Jason Raznick | CEO

Sift Profiles help you learn and connect

Everything you need, all in one place

Bring data from your HR and IT systems together and give it life.
  • A single place to find everyone’s contact information: email, phone, cell, instant message
  • Find office location and address details
  • Understand the reporting and team structure

Get to know people beyond their job titles

Allow your people to tell their stories and share their experience.
  • Learn what your colleagues actually do, not just what their job title is
  • Understand the skillsets your coworkers bring the table
  • See the past experience and educational achievements of your counterparts
  • Connect as humans by understanding everyone’s interests

Context that matters

A single place to share everything your people need to know about each other.
  • Understand who is whose assistant
  • See which engineers own which systems
  • See who is working on which project or supporting which client
  • Display membership in employee resource groups or company clubs
  • Add data from any of your internal systems to give context for your teams
  • Make first impressions memorable with name pronunciations

Customize and enhance profiles to fit your culture

Make profiles as unique as your people

Profiles and attributes are completely customizable, allowing you to craft a profile that reflects your organization.
  • Create custom fields on the profiles to reflect data syncing from existing systems that you want to be visible on the profiles
  • Add fields on the Sift Profile to collect new data from your workforce that will help your people better connect to solve problems
  • Change order and emphasize or deemphasize data so what matters most is readily available

Theme profiles to your organization

Your profiles are a reflection of your brand, show it off with custom theming.
  • Brand profiles with your organizational colors and logo
  • Allow users to upload their own professional photo to supplement your official company headshots
  • Update terminology to reflect how you describe yourselves: be it Employees, Team Members, Associates, Humans, whatever!

Get one profile to rule them all

Combine multiple sources of people data

Bring together data from your disparate systems into a single employee profile.
  • From job titles to employee resource groups, any employee data can be synced into Sift Profiles

Put profile completion on autopilot

Sift automates the process of ensuring your employee profiles are up-to-date and complete.
  • LinkedIn importing ensures you can bring in your existing professional profile
  • Administrators can select which attributes are most critical and set automated reminders to drive profile completion
  • Sift’s resource library provides materials to support your rollout and drive adoption and usage from day one

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