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Achieve Organizational Transparency

Understand how your organization fits together.

Sift's Org Chart in a browser window and the company org chart expands beyond the window

“As a leader, I can access all the HR systems [in my organization], but it’s not efficient, very slow, and hard to find. But now every team has adopted and now use Sift to find any information across the company.”

Jeff Hu, Senior Vice President for Rock Central
Jeff Hu
CIO, Amrock

Enhance visibility into your org structure

Dive deeper than a basic org chart and view multiple levels of reporting to improve comprehension into “who’s who” in your organization.

Sift Analytics feature showing a pie chart of top skills at an organization

Visualize the power of your workforce in new ways

Quickly visualize breakdowns of the skills, roles, locations, and departments of the people that make up your organization.

Bring clarity to groups across your org

Better understand groups not represented on a traditional org chart, such as projects, cross-functional teams, or members of office locations.

Connect and unleash the power of your people today