Discover Your Organization in Microsoft Teams

While Teams is your communication tool, Sift is the source of people information that fuels your collaboration.
Sift is the easiest way for your team members to discover the right person, instantly. And with seamless integrations to your modern collaboration tools, your people will get more out of the communication tools you already have.
"Sift helps employees understand roles or personalities beyond just their job title and gives them the ability to explore and expand one's network within an organization. The Sift app for Teams helps employees to find, connect, and collaborate with each other in ways that are more natural."
Mike Ammerlaan | senior director, Microsoft 365 Ecosystem
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Sift is the Phonebook to Teams’ Phone

What is Sift for Microsoft Teams?
It’s a deep employee profile that gives context on everything you need to know about your colleagues – their contact info, skill sets, experience, and more – all without you having to leave Teams. Bring a profile up in seconds whenever you need it.

Profiles Without Sift

Go beyond the basic information in an MS Teams profile with a rich, dynamic, customizable profile for all of your people.
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Profiles With Sift

Understand who your colleagues really are with Sift's rich, customizable profile that enables your people to share their full selves. Users can add information and important professional details directly to their own profile – their role, their interests, their experience, the projects they’re working on.

Bring in critical context from your HR systems such as Workday, ADP, or SuccessFactors, directly into MS Teams via the Sift Profile.
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It’s dynamic people search that allows you to find people fast, even when you don’t know who you’re looking for.

Search Without Sift

Teams’ default search has basic capabilities. Only allowing you to search by one or a few simple criteria.
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Search With Sift

Sift brings a new level of Search by allowing team members to be found/discoverable based on any aspect of their profile, not just first and last name.

Find your colleagues with in chat Search or use a shortcut to access your organization without skipping a beat.
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It’s an automatic org chart that allows you to navigate your ever growing organization.

Org Chart Without Sift

Teams’ default org chart shows you the bare bones of who someone is directly connected to, but does not let you see a wider view.
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Org Chart With Sift

Sift’s dynamic, automatic org chart brings radical clarity  to your organization with intuitive design, customizability, and powerful export features.
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Supercharge Your Teams’ Instance

Install a native MS Teams application to access all of Sift. No opening a new tab or trying to remember a URL. A fully featured version of Sift is instantly available for all your Teams users.
  • Install Sift from the MS Teams store for your organization to give them quick access to all that Sift has to offer
  • Bring data from your existing HR and IT systems into the place where your people are working. Sift is the bridge between your existing data silos and Teams

Team up with Sift and Microsoft Teams

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