Dynamic, Intuitive Org Charts on Autopilot

Organizations have hierarchy, and to get things done, you have to know how to navigate it. But with transfers, new hires, and turnover, understanding who is who in the zoo can be confusing.

Sift’s interactive Org Chart brings radical clarity to the structure of your organization with intuitive design, customizability, and powerful export features to ensure everyone can easily understand the lay of the land—all with automatic updates from your key systems.
Org chart with highlighted reporting structure

Effortlessly navigate your organization

Bring your org into focus with Sift’s Org Chart

An org chart that keeps up with your organization – automatically

Simple integrations with HR and IT systems automatically build and update your organization chart, so that you never have to build or worry about updating an org chart again!
Org chart with view customization

New Guide

How to Select the Right Org Chart Software for You

an illustration of the playfield of a pinball machine

Customizable to contain the information that is important to you

You control the look and feel to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Customize formatting so that the front line team members are at the top, left, right, or bottom of the org chart
  • Use org chart highlighting to visually identify different demographics of your team
Display different information on people cards in org chart
Download the org chart for presentations and planning

Export, print and embed to take the org chart where you need it

From the intranet to the boardroom, take your org chart anywhere.

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