Sift Amplifies the Impact of Your Intranet

Your intranet is your company's home page. Allow your team members to effortlessly access Sift from a place they already know to go.

Sift embeddable and customizable widgets bring Sift powerful and simple search right into your existing intranet, social network, or digital workspace to make finding people fast and your intranet much more valuable.
A computer monitor with a company intranet and an emendable Sift widget and HRIS logos of compatible integrations
“It's fast, intuitive to use, and it's the most useful tool at our company.”
illustration of a woman
Colleen C. | Environmental Graphic Designer
“Sift is so efficient because it provides us with different ways to search throughout the company. It is like Google for team members!!”
illustration of a woman
Lindsay A. | Manager, Title Services

Embed the Sift Search Bar for people discovery

People need to search for each other all the time. Make sure it’s easy for them to do.
  • Search by anything: names, titles, locations, skills, interests. Anything in Sift is fully searchable!
  • Search UI is intuitive so it is easy for users to start searching and connecting
  • Aggregated data is available for your organization to consume via the Sift API
  • Enable employees to access to information that helps them get work done in a system designed for end user experience
A company intranet with an embedded Sift search widget
A company intranet with an embedded Sift search widget

Embed the Sift Org Chart to increase organizational understanding

Bring clarity to your organization structure through a powerfully simple interactive org chart.
  • The expandable org chart allows you to drill down to understand the span of control across your organization
  • Customize the org chart with customizable people cards to ensure the right people have the right information they need in your org chart
  • New employees onboard faster by exploring the org to clarify connections and structures.

Not sure if your systems will fit with Sift?

We craft custom solutions for our customers for no additional fee, because we’re committed to your success.  Contact our team today to learn more.
Sift on a laptop and mobile device