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People are The greatest asset

Easily understand the skills, expertise, organizational relationships, and interests of your people.

Connect and unlock the power of your people for greater efficiency and productivity.

Haylie Vaccaro, VP of People operations, with a Sift Profile to her right and her placement on the org chart to her left

Companies thriving with Sift

Find, discover, & connect across your organization

Sift is a leader in Org Chart on G2
Sift is a leader in Mid-Market Org Chart on G2
Sift is a leader in Org Chart on G2
Sift is a leader in Org Chart on G2

An org chart that keeps up with your company

Create a clear, current view of your formal and informal reporting lines that every employee can see. Navigate the structure of your enterprise with the Sift Org Chart, built from your existing people data. Never manually update your org chart again.

Profiles that speak to your employees

Enable your team members to bring their authentic selves to work by highlighting their interests, pronouns, name pronunciation, languages, and more.

Go beyond job titles to highlight each employee's unique contributions to the organization. Showcase their skills, experience, and involvement in projects and teams.

Find the right people to move work forward

Instantly search, filter, and identify the best people for tasks or projects based on their roles, skills and work experience.

Integrate & automatically update

Sift integrates with multiple employee data sources simultaneously to build a single profile that is always up to date. Whether it's an identity system, HRIS, or simple spreadsheet, Sift has you covered.

We work together with your existing collaboration and communication tools rather than oppose them. Directly link from Sift out to any messaging tool, and utilize our Microsoft Teams, mobile, and intranet integrations to bring Sift where your employees already work.

Enterprise ready for every organization

We keep your employee data safe by undergoing regular third-party security audits, and adhere to strict data redundancy, encryption, and segmentation policies.

Reliable and scalable. We offer uptime SLA agreements and ensure minimal to no disruption with auto-scaling, cross-region deployments in Azure Cloud.

A browser window displaying Sift's security policies and a badge for SOC 2

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