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what is sift what is sift

Work Better, Together

Sift is the fastest way to find and connect people in your business.

Empower everyone with the ability to discover and leverage the expertise of all their colleagues.
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Your People in the Palm of Your Hand

Sift lets you search for the folks you need to find, wherever or whenever you want.

A lightning fast experience in your web browser and all of your devices.

Access rich profiles of all the players in your org and get the info you need on demand. Connect instantly via phone, email, or your company's communication tools.

See who they are, what they do, and how they fit into the fabric of your digital workplace.

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Search How You Think

Intuitive and powerfully-simple people search that works the way you need it to.

Search and filter by name, skills, experience, interests, location, and much more to find the right contact or list of contacts.

You can even create custom categories for your organization to sift through your enterprise's unique talent network.

Discover Your Hidden Experts

Tap into tribal knowledge and secret talents to accelerate the speed of business at every level.

Colleagues can instantly connect to get questions answered, projects finished, clients won and problems solved faster.
Expertise Finder and Enterprise Social Software Expertise Finder and Enterprise Social Software

Keep Colleagues Connected and Collaborating

Need a developer from the Toledo office who's fluent in both a specific programming language and in compliance law? How about a marketer in the Houston branch with a HubSpot certification? No matter where you (or they) are, Sift lets you find the right people for the right projects, right away.

Empower everyone to leverage the unqiue skills, experience, education, and interests of their colleagues, even if they haven't yet met.
Collaboration Software for the Enterprise
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Watch Video

Hear how Benzinga leverages Sift for game-changing connectivity.
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Honestly, I don't know how companies function without this kind of system.

We have a distributed workforce. Sift has connected our workforce in a big way. It's connected people together to know what their skills are, what their talent levels are, their past history is. sift quotation
jason raznick
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Companies that Thrive on Sift

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