Make the Most of your Employee Data

Your organization’s people data is distributed across multiple systems. When you do need to access it, each system has a different subject matter expert, and gaining access is likely complex or impractical.

The Sift API gives quick and curated access to a single and searchable source of data on your people. This allows you to vastly reduce the effort in building other tools with your data and significantly improve its reliability.
“As a leader, I can access all the HR systems [in my organization], but it’s not efficient, very slow, and hard to find. But now every team has adopted and now use Sift to find any information across the company.”
Jeff Hu | CIO

Essential data, accessible anywhere

Attributes from Sift and your existing systems, in a single request.
  • Retrieve a single profile object with any piece of information you may need
  • Access information collected on your Sift Profiles, such as skills, education, or anything else

Sift Search as a service

Utilize our fast and powerful search to enhance your applications.
  • Filter through your people by any attributes, programmatically
  • Use the Sift free form search to make finding people seamless in any application
  • Perform advanced combinational queries to build reports or dashboards

A single source for photos

Convenient photo links for easy access.
  • High quality employee photos at a consistent URL

Easy to use

A modern API built for developers.
  • Both GraphQL and REST implementations
  • Token management, access control, and monitoring for your administrators
  • Extensive documentation with interactive playgrounds

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