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Make the Most of your Employee Data

Your organization’s people data is distributed across multiple systems. When you do need to access it, each system has a different subject matter expert, and gaining access is likely complex or impractical.

The Sift API gives quick and curated access to a single and searchable source of data on your people. This allows you to vastly reduce the effort in building other tools with your data and significantly improve its reliability.
Access profile information via Sift's API
“As a leader, I can access all the HR systems [in my organization], but it’s not efficient, very slow, and hard to find. But now every team has adopted and now use Sift to find any information across the company.”
Jeff Hu, Senior Vice President for Rock Central
Jeff Hu | CIO
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Essential data, accessible anywhere

Attributes from Sift and your existing systems, in a single request.
  • Retrieve a single profile object with any piece of information you may need
  • Access information collected on your Sift Profiles, such as skills, education, or anything else
Sift API data retrieval from other systems
A mock up of Sift embedded into an intranet

Sift Search as a service

Utilize our fast and powerful search to enhance your applications.
  • Filter through your people by any attributes, programmatically
  • Use the Sift free form search to make finding people seamless in any application
  • Perform advanced combinational queries to build reports or dashboards

A single source for photos

Convenient photo links for easy access.
  • High quality employee photos at a consistent URL
API token gathering profile photos
Use REST API and GraphQL API to get tokens from Sift

Easy to use

A modern API built for developers.
  • Both GraphQL and REST implementations
  • Token management, access control, and monitoring for your administrators
  • Extensive documentation with interactive playgrounds

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