Sift supercharges your existing IT and HR systems

Sift automatically pulls data from your existing IT and HR systems, and collects information from your people to provide a single place to go to, to better understand the human side of your organization.
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Sift connects with collaboration tools for fast contact

Sift provides a single place for you to find the right people in your organization, then start a conversation right from their Sift Profile via email, chat, video, or voice with simple connections with your existing collaboration tools.
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At your desk or on the go, Sift is there for you

Sift is available through Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android applications making it easy to use wherever you happen to be.
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Through Sift’s embeddable widgets you can extend directory functionality to your organization's intranet.
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Aggregate your people data with the Sift API

Integrations allow you to bring your people data together into Sift, providing a single place for all of your people information.
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It’s your data, use it! All the information collected and aggregated by Sift is yours to use via our API.
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Connect and unleash the power of your people today.