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Forge Stronger Relationships & Connections

Increase employee engagement & satisfaction.

A woman and two men leaning over a desk, with open smiles, laughing, with celebratory emojis around them

“The more team members are engaged with each other, and the more they feel they can express themselves, the more they connect to the organization and to its purpose, and then they can continue to drive the things we want to do to serve our clients and to build our community. And that's really what Sift allows us to do.”

Mike Malloy, Chief Amazement Officer for Rock Central
Mike Malloy
Chief Amazement Officer, Rocket Central

See the people beyond the job titles

Discover your colleagues’ interests, experiences, and backgrounds to break the ice before meeting the first time or connect on a deeper level with people you’ve worked with for years.

Four people in a bubble with commonalities around, such as interests, mentorships, experience, and volunteer activities
Sift should a company's volunteer groups like Humane Society of South Platte Valley, The Greening of Detroit. and Hands on San Diego

Boost employee engagement

Invest in a sense of belonging by bringing your people together through shared passions, talents, and experiences.

Facilitate internal networking

Help your team members find others within the organization to collaborate with, teach, or learn from to make a more agile, engaged, and satisfied workforce.

A woman with 4 network bubbles as she finds help with benefit coordination, expertise in Microsoft Excel, company events and planning committee, and authentic Italian cooking

Accelerate the onboarding process

Give new hires an effortless way to show who they are and learn more about the people they work with – right from day one.

Connect and unleash the power of your people today