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Explore dedicated pages for learning about
Bring clarity to your team members and leadership with customizable pages. Hold space for the special projects, virtual teams, and organically grown communities that make up your company culture.

Craft pages for finding and storing passive knowledge about everything and anything related to your people. Utilize the speed of Sift Search to get connected to decentralized parts of your organization. Learn and recognize the official and unofficial groups that function within the workplace.

Everything you need to get to know your colleagues

Discover people, teams and projects that live in the new way of hybrid work.

Allow your workers to hit the ground running and gain visibility into projects and virtual teams organization-wide from anywhere

Allow people to bring their best self to work, everyday.

Support and encourage a more diverse and inclusive workforce with pages that allow you to showcase who you are.

Work is no longer about a place, it’s what you do.

Make it easy for your team to understand who and where their team works, from physical spaces to the virtual world.

Watch your culture be found, blossom and evolve.

With the fast search capabilities and customization of Sift, the vast breadth of your company can be explored.

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