Digital Workspace
October 26, 2020

A 5-Step Process to Build a Better Digital Workplace

At Sift, we’re obsessed with understanding how great employee experiences come to life. After years of research, conversations with customers, and deconstructing award-winning employee experiences, we have identified the steps to take on your journey to building a better digital workplace.

If you’re thinking about how you can shape the employee experience at your organization, think about these steps.

1. Identify the most important common experiences.

Think about the most frequent, common experiences that most employees have. Some good examples are onboarding (joining the organization), collaborating with other people, and accessing important files. These experiences are basic and shared by everyone. Think of them as your “moments that matter” and focus your efforts on improving these core experiences.

2. Understand what those experiences look like now.

Gather all of the information you can about those experiences. Let’s use collaboration as an example. Map out all the steps someone has to take in order to find someone, connect with them, and work together on a project. Ask people: When you need to collaborate, how do you do it?

3. Find the gaps.

Once you understand what the current experience is like, you can start to focus on the gaps. Where are people frustrated? Where are the problems?

4. Start working on a solution.

Now you can start thinking about how you might solve the problems in your core, common experiences. What technology, training, and documentation do you need to improve the experience? Who should be involved in solving the problem?

5. Keep the end user in mind.

The most important part of driving the employee experience? Keep the end user (the employee!) in mind. Let them be your North Star. If you can consistently focus on the individual employee, and their experience when they log in to work, you’ll make the right decisions.

The employee experience isn’t a box you can check. Building a better employee experience happens slowly, with small pieces you lock into place every day. If you’re looking to learn more about how to bring more ownership and accountability to the employee experience, check out this piece.

You can keep following this process to understand and improve every element of the employee experience by downloading our ebook on How to Build a Best-in-Class Digital Workplace below!

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