Data & Security

Nothing is more important than protecting your people data. With third-party penetration tests, strict adherence to enterprise security standards, and GDPR compliance, your data is always safe with us.

Safeguarding Data at Every Layer

Our approach to security is holistic and dynamic, adapting to the evolving threats in the digital world. We employ a comprehensive security framework designed to protect your data at every layer of interaction. From the moment you entrust us with your information, rigorous protocols and state-of-the-art encryption methods are employed to ensure its safety. Our systems are built on robust, secure architectures that are continuously monitored and updated to thwart potential vulnerabilities and breaches.

Responsible Handling

When you entrust your people's data with us, you can rest assured that it is handled with the leading industry standards of privacy and security.

Data Encryption

All customer data, whether stored or in-transit, is always encrypted. We only use existing Cloud Provider Encryption methods, without relying on faulty in-house methods to keep your data safe.

3rd Party Penetration Testing

Our stack is evaluated regularly by a 3rd party Security team, that ensures we are safe and secure.

Soc2 Type 2 Certified

We have successfully completed a 3rd party Soc2 Type Audit. This ensures we are following proper standards and practices for Data Security handling.

Continuous Automated Security Scanning

Our security reviews and scanning aren’t just one and done, but on-going. We employ tooling that provides us a continuous read on the state of our platform and systems, so that we are always safe and secure.

Customer Data Segmentation

We ensure that all customer data is never combined or cross-contaminated. Through data segmentation, rest assured that your data is yours, and remains distinct and separate from others.

Data Redundancy

We employ data failover practices, so that in the event of an outage, your data can be recovered and restored in a timely manner.

Regular Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Testing

Ensuring our services remain consistently accessible is a challenge we embrace. That's why we regularly conduct thorough testing to guarantee our systems are resilient and capable of recovering swiftly, ensuring continuity even amidst unforeseen disasters or failures.

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