October 8, 2021

Are You Ready for Sift Pages?

Sift Pages are here! So why are we so excited about this new product feature, and more importantly what can it do for you and your organization? Ever since we started Sift, the mission has always been about connecting people. Sift Pages exist as a way of connecting employees that goes beyond the traditional employee profile. Pages aim to centralize areas of an organization like communities and groups, projects and remote teams, offices and departments, certifications and anything in between that make up your company.

This allows every individual at an organization to find and be a part of something tied to a larger collective group. Finding people who have similar interests is something you can already do with Sift, but being able to create a group page takes it a step further.

How many times have you been at a large organization and not heard about an after work sports league or book club until months after you started? We wanted to help give these groups easier exposure to employees, allowing everyone to feel socially connected.

While social groups are only one example of how Pages can be used, there are tons of different use cases that we will get into, but let’s go over how Pages are structured and how you can find them when using Sift.

How are Sift Pages Structured?

Pages are profiles for passive knowledge of your workforce. Similar to people profile pages, each section can be customized to meet your business and culture needs. Each page can display information such as:

  • Description/Info: Quick description explaining what the group is and any other info related to it. These content boxes can be customized by the admin and feature things that are most applicable to the page.
  • Members: Show who members of the group are and display and organize them how you like. In this example we have people broken out into the General Manager, Team Captains, and All Star Players.

Below is an example of a company-wide Softball League created with Sift Pages. Make your company’s Pages as creative as your culture and give space for your team to grow.

An ERG for a softball team using Sift Pages

How do you search for Pages in Sift?

Every part of Pages is a data point waiting to be searched. People can find Pages the same way they would search for other things on Sift. Search right in Big Search for the page name and all matches will be in the results. From there, you can navigate to the page itself or to a directory listing with all the members in the page.

How Sift Pages Can Be Used

Sift Pages are very flexible and can fit many different use cases across organizations of all types. Here are a few of the most common ways our customers plan to start using Pages.

  • Project Teams - Have you ever formed a project team at work and when you mention it to others across the org they have vaguely heard of the project name, and had no idea who was on the team or specifics about it? Pages can help remove the ambiguity from mysterious project names and allow visibility into work initiatives and the people behind them.
Get visibility into project roadmaps, links to resources on the project and people assigned to the project like product owners and project managers.

  • Remote Workers - With many orgs remaining fully remote or moving to a hybrid working model, companies are needing to equip themselves with ways to build community with employees not in the same physical location as their headquarters.

    Giving those remote workers a way for them to connect with other remote team members is critical in building social connections. Display info related to event meetup times, organizers and things to do in that area.

  • Employee Resource Groups - If you have a large organization there are likely quite a few ERGs that exist. How are new people joining or hearing about those ERGs? Is it stuck behind some portal that nobody frequents? How do they find members and know who to contact for asking questions? Luckily one of the biggest use cases for Pages is creating a place for ERGs where employees can join, learn more, and post links and resources.

    A benefit of having pages created for ERGs is easily seeing who the members are and getting in contact with them. You can also view photos from recent events. This allows the ERG to have more personality and most importantly connects the members who are passionate about the group.

  • Certifications - Showcase the certs your org has and tap into the wealth of knowledge and experts. Whether you are an accounting and finance firm and want to showcase Certified Internal Auditors, CPAs and CMAs, or if you are a software company and want to showcase which admins are Certified Azure Administrators, or which project managers are certified Scrum Masters, Pages can help with that.
  • Office Locations - Are you travelling into a new office site that you have never visited and want to know who the building manager is that handles parking issues, how about knowing when the next catered lunch day is? Pages is perfect for displaying relevant news and information specific for each office.
A Tycho office in Charleston using Sift Pages

These are just some of the ways Sift Pages can be used at organizations to help drive more connections, build inclusivity and optimize the workforce. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Sift Pages and how our customers are using this cool feature.

Want to learn more about Sift Pages and are already a customer? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get started. If you are new to Sift and would like to see this in person, please schedule some time with our team to learn more.