September 1, 2023

Feature Update: Streamlined Data Sync

We created Sift to make it easier to find and connect with your coworkers and move work forward at your company faster. So, shouldn’t everything about using Sift be easy? That’s why we’re always looking for ways to make the experience as simple as possible for our users.

One of the areas we have been wanting to make less complex was the process of importing people data into Sift. Since that needs to be done to populate your Org Chart and employee directory, we want our users to be able to get that done quickly and efficiently. Getting data into Sift shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying all it has to offer!

With that in mind, we’re excited to unveil a major improvement to Sift – a simplified data synchronization process!

Starting today, the process of getting your people data into Sift is faster, easier, and more intuitive.

Our new wizard format breaks the process down into steps and guides you along, making the process easier to follow. It also validates your inputs to alert you of any inconsistencies or potential errors and gives you a real-time preview of how your data will be synced. Ultimately, the wizard saves you time by helping ensure you don't miss any crucial steps – preventing possible sync errors due to data discrepancies and the need to re-upload your data. 

In addition to the streamlined process thanks to the wizard, we’ve also made improvements to the way you manage your sync after it’s been set up. You can now view a summary of the changes made during your last successful sync and see an error message if something goes wrong, making it much easier to troubleshoot.

We hope this smoother way of managing your data improves your Sift user experience, and makes you more productive!

If you’re already a Sift Administrator, you can log into your Admin Dashboard to try out the new data sync wizard. And if you aren’t using Sift yet, you can try it for free for 14 days and see how easy it is to upload your people data and start connecting the dots across your organization.