November 11, 2019

Feature Updates: Advanced Org Chart and Lists for Sift

The final quarter of the year is a busy time for any business, and it’s been no exception over here at Sift HQ! We work hard to continuously improve the Sift experience, and recently have debuted two particularly exciting features. We’re jazzed to share them with you!

Advanced Org Chart

Managing and maintaining organizational charts in any growing enterprise can be a bit of a hassle. Sift takes the manual management out of the equation by delivering a dynamic Org Chart that everyone in your company can utilize. We pull directly from your people data sources to create an Org Chart that’s always up to date.

Sift Org Chart Overview 1

With the release of our new Advanced Org Chart, users can navigate through their entire organization with ease. Zoom out to get a panoramic view of the company structure, and zoom in to instantly see the players on a departmental or individual level. Expand or collapse teams for the view you need, and customize what content is visible on each person’s card without having to click into profiles.

Sift Org Chart Overview 2

Sift Org Charts are easy to save, print, export, and share. The directional orientation can also be adjusted to your preference. Finally, we’ve created a sticky Mini-Map, so even if you’re deep-diving into your organizational structure, you can always keep an eye on the bigger picture.

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Lists for Sift

Sift has always given you quick access to all of your colleagues, and now we’ve introduced a simple (but effective) way to keep them organized. You can now create, host, and share lists of team members right within Sift. Manually add folks from their profiles, or use dynamic search and filtering to add just the right people to your lists.

Sift Lists Announcement 1

Use Lists to organize professional groups and social connections. Keep track of project members, subject matter experts, or maybe just the folks in your broomball league. Lists can be private to you, or you can share them with colleagues and collaborate on building the perfect contact list together. Quickly send group emails and easily export contacts to .csv files.

Sift Lists Announcement 2

Got an idea for the next greatest Sift feature? Drop us a line and let us know what you want to see us build next!

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