January 15, 2020

Feature Updates: Sift Analytics

With Sift, it’s always been easy to find groups or individuals based on your search criteria, but not quite so easy was the ability to visualize trends across larger parts of the organization. In the pursuit of helping you demystify your company, we’re proud to announce our newest feature: Sift Analytics. 

Sift Analytics opens a window into the world of people data that everyone can leverage to better understand how the organization is composed. Use Sift Analytics to quickly access dynamic visual breakdowns on your company’s skills, roles, locations, interests, and more.

Sift Analytics HR Data

Why did we build Sift Analytics?

Traditional search in Sift delivers a list of contacts, but the larger the list becomes, the harder it is to see the forest from the trees. That’s why the search you love is now complemented with Sift Analytics to help you filter through large search result queries faster and guide you towards the most relevant data points. This is a perfect tool for HR professionals, Operations leaders, and anyone who wants to understand the bigger picture of how the organization hangs together, and where to make optimizations.

Sift Analytics delivers answers to key questions like: 

  • What skills would an outside hire need to fill gaps in the Portland office? 
  • Do I have enough people in a certain role in order to start a new initiative/team?
  • What schools did my team or department graduate from?
  • Where should I invest in skill development?
  • Is there spare capacity for certain tasks or roles?
  • How many Project Managers work in the Chicago office vs. the Detroit office?
Sift Analytics People Data Visualization

Sift Analytics makes it easier to gain key insights about the unique makeup of your organization and to share key findings with stakeholders. You can easily generate charts and graphs from the data already in Sift, filtering and isolating the exact view you want. No need to bother your Business Intelligence team any time you want a people data report - you can automatically create what you need on the fly. We know you still want to see the granular information about the individuals that make up that data set, so you can easily toggle between Analytics and our classic Directory view to get the clearest possible view. 

Want to see Analytics and all of Sift’s features in action? Request a personalized demo today!