June 22, 2022

G2’s Summer 2022 Reports are Out, and Sift is a Leader (Again!)

The Summer 2022 Reports from G2 have just been released, and we are so excited to share the news that Sift has again made the list! G2 releases these reports on a quarterly basis, which highlight the top-performing solutions in different software categories (based on customer satisfaction and market presence).

We are featured in the following product categories for Summer 2022:

  • Org Chart – Leader 
  • ~Grid® Report 
  • ~Momentum Grid® Report 
  • Employee Engagement – Leader
  • ~Grid® Report 
  • ~Enterprise Grid® Report
  • ~Momentum Grid® Report
  • HR Analytics – High Performer  
  • ~Grid® Report
  • ~Enterprise Grid® Report 

This is the seventh time we’ve been featured on the Org Chart category, and the fourth we’ve been named a “Leader.” It’s also the second time being named a “Leader” on the Employee Engagement Grid & Momentum Grids, and the third time we’ve been on the HR Analytics report! 

When it comes to satisfaction ratings, Sift ranks well above average in all three categories. Some of our top scores include:

  • 99% or better satisfaction ranking in all three categories in “Quality of Support”
  • 97% or better in all three categories in “Ease of Use”
  • #1 out of all companies in the Employee Engagement category!
  • Ranked #1 for Analytics in the Org Chart category
  • One of only 3 companies to be rated a 98% or better in “Likelihood to Recommend” for Org Chart
  • 100% in “Ease of Doing Business” for Employee Engagement 

Sift has 152 reviews on G2 with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Here are a few highlights:

“I love using Sift in advance of and during meetings to better understand the org chart, who I'm engaging with, and their history. It makes it easy to know someone's role at the company, their teammates, their past roles, where they are located, and some personal facts.”

“Being new and remote, it's great to be able to see everyone's pictures so there's a face to go with the name.”

“Sift is helping me to find people in my organization on the go and when working. I have realized that this helps me to have talking points when meeting someone for the first time by looking at their skills and interests.”

“I love how easy it is to find someone I work with within 2 seconds. I love how I can see their picture and a small blurb about what they do both in the company and externally. When I tell my friends about Sift, they are all so jealous about it and ask why and how their company can get on board!”

Check out our reviews on G2 to learn more about how other people are using Sift!

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