February 3, 2023

Introducing Sift’s Self Guided Onboarding for a Simplified Implementation Experience

One thing we’ve learned from reviewing customer feedback over the years is that while they love Sift, the setup experience could be a little smoother. 

After speaking with our Client Success team, we identified a few common pain points in the onboarding process that we wanted to solve:

  • Make the data import steps easier to follow
  • Guide new users on where to go to begin setting up Sift
  • Reduce the need to contact support 

We realized that by developing a way to lead new users through the setup process, we could solve all these problems, and that’s where the idea for our self-guided onboarding came from.

With the new self-guided onboarding, Sift users can:

  • Take a guided tour through all of Sift’s tools, features, and functions
  • Track their progress in setting up their organization’s Sift instance
  • Review and complete the essential steps to be completed prior to launching Sift at their organization
  • Ensure they have a fully-functioning Sift instance for their organization

Now, when you log into the Sift Admin Dashboard, you’ll see a checklist of all the key implementation steps. Clicking on one of them will take you to that page within the Admin Dashboard and provide you with helpful guidance on how to complete the step. 

Once you’ve completed the step and returned to the Admin Dashboard home screen, you’ll find that the task has been checked off and see your onboarding percentage completion rate. There are also links to Help Center documentation, as well as ways to contact our team should you need help.

For new Sift users, we hope this gives you the confidence to feel like you can set up your organization’s Sift instance all on your own, without the help of our Client Success team (although if you do get stuck, they’ll still be there for you!).

For our customers who have already been using Sift for a while, having the onboarding checklist available will allow you to ensure you haven’t missed any key steps in creating the best Sift experience possible for the users at your organization.

We’re excited to provide you with everything you need to get Sift set up exactly the way you want it, so you can start exploring Sift faster. If you haven’t experienced what Sift can do for your organization yet, sign up for a free 14-day trial to try it for yourself!