May 11, 2022

New Feature: Hybrid Work Locations

In the last few years, work has moved from mostly on-site to remote, and now many organizations have adopted a hybrid model. While it can be executed in many different ways, put simply, a hybrid work model includes a combination of both on-site and remote work.

Hybrid work allows you to enjoy the benefits of both remote work (e.g., no commute, casual attire, cuddling with pets) and in-office work (socialization, easier collaboration), but it can also get a little confusing when team members are all in the office on different days.

Think about all the times you’ve had a question for a colleague and decided to just walk over to their desk to ask. If they’re in the office that day, it’s an easy and fast way to get the answer you need. If they’re working remotely, sure, you can get an answer to your question by sending them a quick message or giving them a call, but knowing if they’re in the office or not would be helpful before you walked all the way over to their desk – especially if the question is urgent. 

Introducing: hybrid work statuses

If you work in a hybrid environment and frequently collaborate with others in your organization, knowing where they’re working on a given day will keep work moving along smoothly. That’s why we’re excited to be rolling out a new feature for Sift Profiles: hybrid work statuses.

Now, in the work schedule section of your Profile, you’ll also be able to display the location of where you’re working on any particular day. You can choose between three options:

  • In the Office
  • Working From Home
  • Flexible

Setting your work location is easy! Just log onto Sift, and go to your personal Sift Profile. From there, click the edit button (pencil icon) in the top header section under your name and job title, and you’ll see a drop-down menu to select your work location next to your working hours. 

Besides being able to find them when they’re in the office, there are other benefits to knowing your colleagues’ working locations. For example, if you know they like to reserve work-from-home days for more focused, heads-down work, you can avoid disturbing them by checking their work location before reaching out. It’s also helpful for planning office logistics and events, such as scheduling building maintenance on a day when fewer people are in the office, or planning a team lunch when there are more people on-site.

This update is just another way Sift helps you get business done more efficiently. Request a personalized demo today to see how Sift can help your organization!

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